Some of the most frequent customer service complaints come from cable or internet companies.  Calling customer service can be frustrating with any industry, but for some reason internet companies seem to get all of the negative feedback.  Finding a company with great customer service is key, but there are other reasons that people can sometimes lose patience.  Luckily, as a consumer, there are things you can do to make your customer service experience go smoothly.


When you have an interruption of service or an issue you need to have resolved, think of your calling time in terms of a service appointment.  When you go to a car garage, you schedule an appointment that is convenient for you to have your car looked at.  The great thing about call service centers is that you don't need to work around them too much- you just need to schedule an appointment with yourself!  If you are in a rush, chances are not much will be resolved, because you won't be able to listen.  Schedule your customer service call as an appointment, and give yourself at least an hour to speak to the representative, account for hold times, and understand the response you're given fully.


Be patient and polite when speaking to your representative.  They talk to hundreds of people a day, and are listening to your issue for the first time.  It may be that they need a minute to consult on or look up the details of your concern, so try to give them time.


Also, don't be afraid to ask questions.  Even if you cannot get an immediate answer, someone should be able to help you.  Having a light understanding of what caused the issue, as well as how and when it is going to be fixed is important.  Don't allow a generic answer if you have a specific question.  Dig deeper, and try to learn from the experience as much as possible.  If your representative is not able to answer all of your questions, they can refer you to a manager or send a service professional to work through the issue with you.



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If you own a business, finding the right services to support your business can make all the difference to your level of productivity.  The majority of business owners utilize the internet for nearly everything, from marketing purposes, to social media, to market research.  Using satellite internet qualifies you to receive solutions which can ensure that you get the best service to keep your business moving.


The most notable benefit to your business is the speed and uninterrupted service satellite can provide.  Satellite offers very high speed internet services without interruptions.  You can do a variety and number of things that basic internet service simply cannot handle.  You can stream motivational speakers while managing your budget, sending an email blast, and updating your social network, and you won't see any delay.


One of our top customers if Cogdill Home Builders, they're custom home builders in central Florida. They depend on the speed of our internet to communicate with their clients on a daily basis.


Satellite can also automatically kick on if your main internet service kicks off, making it a great alternative to use as a backup service.  It will also work if you are overloading your main service, so that you can continue what you are doing uninterrupted.


If your business is in a remote area, you may also consider satellite services.  Cable services have distinct areas they work with, and this can greatly affect pricing and service quality.


You can also install multiple devices in your car, equipment, or office in order to have your satellite internet service available wherever you go.  This again is perfect for those who work in a remote location, or those who travel for their business.


Finding a satellite provider near you can make a huge difference in the speed, quality, and reliability of your internet service.  Business owners will see a major difference in their service after switching to satellite, and can count on having superior internet service to take care of all of their business communication needs.



If you are an entrepreneur, business professional, or sales person, consider the benefits of building your brand through video marketing.  You can become a success in your industry by using video to market yourself!


Most people are more attracted by other people than by a specific product or service.  Branding yourself through video is a great way to help people get to know you on a personal level, rather than as a business.  Once people like you, they want to work with you!


Creating video content that is educational and interesting gets you exposure on the internet, which leads people to seek you out.  Once they are there, make sure they feel like they know who you are and, most importantly, want your lifestyle!  If you sell cleaning products, for example, video blogs about your home life and tips and cheats for keeping a clean home, people will want to learn from you.  You can then direct them to your product or service, without directly selling to them regularly.


Staying active online will also help build your brand.  Keep a lively social media page, interact with others in your industry, and update your webpage and blog regularly with current information while keeping consistent branding.  Having a high speed and reliable internet service will help you stay as active as possible.


Email marketing is also still highly effective!  Using an email design template to create fun and interesting email designs will keep the leads that already enjoy your communications interested and engaged. Having relative content is important. So if you're a lawyer trying to help clients going through foreclosure you could make the title “stop foreclosure” to catch your reader's attention.


Most email blast services have their own editing software which you can use to design the perfect email to send your audience.  Getting interrupted while creating a beautifully designed email can be frustrating and cause you to lose your work, so make sure you backup your internet service with satellite internet if that is not your main method of using the internet.

Building your brand online helps you reach thousands of people a day, once you get going!  This is a fantastic business tool, and can take you to the next level of success faster than most forms of marketing could.

Finding an internet service provider can be confusing and complicated.  There are many factors to consider, and each service will try to sell you something different.  The pricing, stats, and contracts can make your head spin!  To make your decision easier, here’s some criteria you need to consider when choosing an Internet Service Provider.


Before starting, you should know the main types of internet service available.  These are DSL, Cable Broadband, Satellite, and FiOS.  DSL operates over telephone lines, Cable Broadband runs through cable service, Satellite uses satellite signals, and FiOS operates over optical networks using light. Once you know the types available, you can scope out your options.


First, find out what options are available in your area.  Make sure to check multiple avenues.  

For example, if you contact a cable service provider, they may tell you what other cable service providers offer internet in your area, and offer competitive pricing, but they will not make you aware of satellite providers in your area.  Research every avenue and come up with a list of services that are definitely available to you before you become attached to one.


Next, take a look at your download and upload speeds.

Many people need high speed, while some just need minimal speed.  What you need to do is determine how much speed you require versus how much you’re willing to pay.  Try to consider your needs, and how often you use your internet.  If you do a lot of video streaming, multi-tasking, or downloading files frequently, you will want to look for a higher speed internet service.


Finally, consider the cost involved.  

Make sure you find out if you need to buy products from the company to make the internet work, and how much they will cost.  Find out if outside products would be compatible with the service, and if that would save you money.  Also, make sure you know every detail of the available contracts.  Is there a contract required?  What is the exit fee if you wish to terminate?


Exploring these details will get you on the right track for choosing the best internet service provider for your needs!  



High speed internet in today’s society is a must for homes and offices alike.  With so many resources online, consumers are typically multi-tasking while using the internet.  

Streaming, downloads, searches and Flash programs can slow down your internet pretty quickly, if you’re not choosey about your provider. 

A provider that is slowly becoming a household name is HughesNet, a United States based internet program which offers high speed internet solutions nationwide.

Hughes Communications, formerly called Hughes Network Systems, was founded in 1971, and started out consulting for a transmission system through satellite technology.  

Over the years, the company has changed hands a few times, progressing in the art of technology and developing programs that are now able to bring advanced satellite technology to the general public.

HughesNet is a product of Hughes Communications, and works through satellite technology, rather than phone lines.  This mean that the connection comes from the sky, giving you uninterrupted access and higher speed.  

The signal from your internet request is sent into space, to satellite technology.  The satellite is always positioned in the same location, due to its alignment with the earth’s rotation.  

The advanced technological advances in satellite communication have made this connection time almost instant.  

Once connected, the website sends the request back to your computer, and you are connected at record time.

Many have also used HughesNet as a rural alternative to other internet providers.  Living in a rural area can be restrictive when it comes to service.  A lot of times, there are only one or two companies that will service certain areas, and internet connections can be weak, slow, or have multiple interruptions.

Satellite suppliers offer high speed internet for the general population of consumers by using advanced technology signals.  Companies like Hughes Communications are changing the platform for basic internet nationwide with services like HughesNet.

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